99words (99words) wrote,


I bought a motor scooter. My midlife crisis says that high gas prices were the reason, but it lies.

I also own a pickup truck. It has a huge engine and power everything, taking me anywhere I want in speed, style and comfort. Yet for me, la dolce vita is doing 30 in a 35, crowded to the shoulder as trucks like mine pass impatiently. Less speed, more cold. The little scooter that could works its way slowly up the hills.

When I ride, the wind blows the cobwebs off my thinking. I have time to re-examine my expectations.
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I bet that is the coolest motor scooter on your block. And probably, in fact, in the world.
I will ride that thing soon! And then I'll hit you over the head with a guitar and make robots come out!
Will it hurt when the robots come out?